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Psychology Session


After having been affected by the suicides of way too many friends and having experienced what it feels like to be in that head space, we knew that something had to be done to help those suffering.


A Chance For Change was born out of a love for our mates and an unrelenting passion to make a change in the fight against the black dog.

Men in particular need to understand that there is help out there; that people really do care; that they’re loved and most importantly that no matter how hard life gets or how far down they may fall, suicide is not the answer.

The Perception of what it means to be a man in modern day Australia, particularly in young men plays a big role in the current situation we face with mental health and Suicide. Men have become emotionally repressed and this is not only damaging to their personal but also social growth.

ACFC is here to positively disrupt the mental health sector by bringing the fight to men’s mental health out in the open. ACFC offers a raw, insightful, inspirational, authentic, real life lived unconventional approach to the prevention of depression and suicide.

By breaking through the barriers of social connection, social stigma and social Stereotype we aim to reform the current misconceptions of what it means to be a man in modern day society and will empower men with the knowledge and self-confidence to stop the black dog before it strikes.

Speaking up is manning up!

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